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Key Stages 3-5 Go Camping

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The students of Key Stage 3-5 went to The Verona at Tublan Resort in Prachinburi, and they stayed for two days and one night. The students went to the venue by bus (in their PE uniforms only) together with several teachers. In this event, the school made it clear that only acceptable standards of behaviour would be expected otherwise any student who violated this strict rule would be sent home immediately. The students went to the camp in two batches: years 7-9 went on the 9th and 10th of January 2018 while years 10-13 went on the 11th to 12th January 2018.

Both group of students, on their respective dates to go, left the school at around eight o’clock in the morning and arrived at the resort at around 11:30, where their room keys were distributed for them to get a quick rest and store their luggage. Lunch was served, and surely, the students enjoyed not only the food but the company of their friends, classmates and teachers and of course the new environment for them. After lunch, the students participated in some activities like rope challenge activities, team games and swing.

In the evening, the students were served sumptuous food which they enjoyed a lot. After dinner, they were given time to prepare for the talent show. When the talent show time came, everyone was in high spirits as it was a very rare time they were together for fun and camaraderie. A campfire followed where the students enjoyed outdoor nature moment with friends; then they were told to go rest and sleep to be ready for the next day’s activities.

The next morning was even more exciting as they got to see more friends, had breakfast and short chit-chat with one another. Then, they proceeded to more adventure activities such as flying fox, rock climbing, abseiling, and rollerball. There were no signs of exhaustion among the students because as a matter of fact, they can stay for more days and do more activities but they needed to go back to their rooms, take a shower and be ready to go back to school. It was such a memorable event and moment with friends, one that they can treasure and keep as they grow older. The students were thankful at IPS for making the event possible for them.


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