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IPS Sports Days 2018

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The IPS Annual Sports Day was celebrated on the 24th to 26th of January 2018 with the theme “Developing Life Skills through Sport”. After the singing of the Thai national anthem, the opening ceremony was held at the school grounds through a parade of students from the different houses followed by the tournament managers and teachers from all key stages. The Oath of Sportsmanship was recited, presentation of Mr and MS Sports 2018, K1-Year 4 Dance Presentation, Torch Relay and Lighting of Sports Day Cauldron by the House Captains and Vice Captains were held. There were cheers all over when the winner of the Mr and Ms Sports 2018 was announced. In a short while, Teacher Alka, the school director, officially opened the sports days and the Ceremonial Toss took place.

For a smooth run, the committee on sports emphasised essential reminders applicable on all days of the event. First, no student is permitted to go out of the campus during the event unless they have a letter telling the reason and it is necessary that the student fills out the Permission Slip from the office. Second, any student is not allowed to stay inside the classroom on all days during the sports competition. It is also good to remember that the first day of the sports days shall be the day for the K1 to Year 4 students to play the sports events and games. On the first day, Year 5 to Year 13 students shall proceed to their classrooms and hold regular classes following schedule A as they shall be playing on the next two days of this activity. K1-Year 4 students are not coming to school for the next two days of the event to give way to the higher levels to play.

The second day of the event proved equally exciting as not only games await but the Show-off competition, a contest of talents and skill, was held and that winners were announced followed immediately: the Red house ended first place. The games played included individual and team sports such as the running races, hurdles, sack races, dodgeball, corner ball, table tennis/badminton, futsal, basketball, tug of war among others. Medals from bronze, silver and gold were awarded every after the championship game of each event.

On the 3rd day, which was the last day of the sports days, parents and alumni joined the fun by playing against teachers and students; they played futsal, basketball and tug of war. With this excitement was the awarding of trophies to the champions of team sports and the announcement of special awards: Cleanest House Stand, Best House Stand Decoration, Sportsman Award and Teamwork Award. Certificates of Appreciation were also awarded so with the trophies to the 2nd runner-up and 1st runner-up and the overall champion. All is well and ended well. So who finished as the victors this year? The Red Team ended as 3rd Place; the Blue Team as 2nd Place; and with pride in their hearts, The Yellow Team made it to the 1St Place of the Sports Days 2018, back to back as they did it too last year in 20 17. Congratulations players and winners, you all did a good fight, and of course, learned about sportsmanship and friendship.


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