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IPS Songkran Festival

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Key Stages 1-5 students in IPS celebrated Songkran Festival on April 5, 2018, with many exciting events: they watched Songkran presentations, participated in Songkran activities and games; witnessed the water pouring ceremony; and enjoyed shopping and eating at the “Thai Treats Mini Market”. Indeed, Songkran is one of the most awaited and most celebrated festivals in Thailand; Songkran is Thailand’ new year, and Thais believe that this festival blesses their entire family with positivity and happiness.

The celebration started off in the singing of the Thai national anthem, and IPS Song followed by the parade of all performers and the “long Drum Performance” from Year 7 and 8 students. Also presented was the brief common Songkran Activities in four major parts of Thailand which the students not only enjoyed to watch but also learned more information.

As always, the pouring ceremony was done systematically and symbolically led by two class representatives from K1 to Year 13 students followed by the SRC to the key stakeholders of the IPS community. For this ceremony, Buddha statue was arranged on a table by the court entrance along with water bowls and Songkran background music was played.

The latter part of the celebration were Thai performances from K1-Year 5 students that included songs and dances with their colourful costumes. Students also enjoyed playing and watching traditional Thai games such as the Daen Kala (walking on coconut shells) and Pid Ta Tee Moa (blindfold hitting pot). Prices were also given to participants of the Thai games winners.

Evidently, the Thai Treats Mini Market gave the students the opportunity to present their shop while sales representatives from each group standby at designated tables. With Thai music played in the background, students, IPS teachers and staff, parents, and visitors enjoyed shopping and eating during one hour market time. In this activity, the students would learn the basics of how to conduct a small business; calculating investment funds, selecting product price ranges, overhead expenses, and profit margins; create menus, sale pitches, balance accounts and many more.

After the Thai Treats Mini Market, the students went back to their classrooms and held regular classes following Schedule A. In the afternoon; the 7th and 8th period was used to play water. For safety, the teachers and staff regulated the size of the water guns used by students. Proper water attire was also required to avoid accidents. The SRC also conducted a fundraising project with the Sponge your Teacher game. The proceeds collected in this activity shall go to the Term 3 charity


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