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IPS Science Fair

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Key Stage 2 Science Fair

On 31 October 2017, Tuesday, Key Stage 2 students prepared an excellent set of experiments and investigations. We followed Schedule A, which meant that classes started at 8:50 a.m. The fair was taken place in the canteen.

Years 5 and 6 students had a competition, and the judges were T.Johnedel, T. Michael Braun and T. Yannick. For Year 5, there were two categories: individual and group. For individual category, the first place, where there was a tie, Proud and Chanakarn, the second place went to Amika, and the third was Pacharapol. For group category, third place went to

Natthawit and Ronakorn. Chinakrit, Thitiwat and Pethnumnueng were in the second place, and the first place also had a tie, the first group was Pasupat and Vashirasak and the second group was Alexis, Ananya and Nitshamon.

Year 6 had only group category, and each group had four projects: they made Electric Lamp; Electric Maze; Electric Boat and Dollhouse. The students either used simple, series or parallel circuits. The judges also made them troubleshoot their work on that day.

While Year 3 and Year 4 students had project display on the same day. They had made clay models of different landscapes.


Key Stage 3 Science Fair

On the 12th of October 2017, an important activity in the field of science took place in the premises of IPS named KS3 Science Fair. The Science Fair is held in IPS (International Pioneers School ) every year and the participants that participated were from Key Stage 3-4 students.

We prepared and worked on our projects as well as on our ideas for a couple of weeks before the final presentation. While making the project, we understood the importance of teamwork with cooperation and learned to work in teams. The judges for the Science Fair were: Teacher Dominic, Teacher Vanessa, Teacher Parminder and Teacher Janice. When we all were ready with our materials, we set up our booths year wise accordingly.

The teachers were surprised to see projects projected by young pioneering minds. The Judges visited each an every booth and marked their project. Students from every group also went out to see other projects made by fellow students. At last, the KS3 Science Fair ended, and everyone was tired by explaining each an every person who came to their group to know about their project. The Science Fair lasted for about an hour and a half.

After a month, the results of the KS3 Science Fair 2017 was disclosed. In the first place was Arman and Parth from Year 8, In the second place, it was Amit and his groupmates fro Year 11 and last but, not the least in third place it was Irin. Om, Potcharapon and Simon Abraham from Year 8.


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