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IPS Competes in KPIS Spelling Bee 2019

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Congratulations YOUNG SPELLERS for your great effort for the recently concluded KPIS Spelling Bee 2019.

Category 1 Participants (Year 2)
Armaan Mohamed Ameen- Year 2B
Aaron John Dharmadas- Year 2A- FIRST PLACE FOR CATEGORY 1
Aruth Suwatthanapreeda- Year 2A 
Mentor: T. Mhike Caravana
Category 1 Participants (Year 3)  
Charvi Jain- Year 3B
Chinnapong Srinedtiyaporn- Year 3B
Kyaan Mehta- Year 3B
Mentor: T. Gracelie Melo
Category 2 Participants (Year 4)
Sephianne Respicio - Year 4A
Abhilash Dubey  - Year 4B
Falguni Modani  - Year 4A
Mentor: T. Marita Iringan
Category 2 Participants (Year 5)
Ashirwadh Misra - Year 5B
Viral Chirkute - Year 5B
Nishan Saksrinarang- Year 5A
Mentor: T. Michal Cap
Category 3 Participants (Year 6)
Sasha Muniandy  - Year 6B
Siwakorn Kosavithidkul  - Year 6A
Warinthorn Kachornnantachai - Year 6A
Mentor: T. Shilpa Tolat
Category 3 Participants (Year 7)
Alexis Jade Melocotones - Year 7A
Sophia Amurao - Year 7B
Jai Raymond Villena - Year 7B
Mentor: T. Bianca Gacad
Congratulations and we are very proud of you!!!


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