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A Night on the Red Carpet

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On the 4th of March 2018, IPS’ annual prom took place at the Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok.

Celebrated every March, Prom had been one of the most awaited events for Key Stage 4 and 5. The theme this year was ‘A Night on the Red Carpet’ where students dressed up in glamorous dresses and elegantsuits,accompaniedbyteachersfor supervision.

The event began with a showcase of performances from various classes: solo and group dances as well as singing to the rhythm of Kpop, Indian, Thai, and Pop music. An experienced photographer was hired to capture the marvellous show as the hall was filled with joy and laughter.

Soon after, in line with a yearly tradition, a compilation of everyone’s photos was played. The presentation, with the displayed photos taken at questionable angles and submitted by the students, played for approximately 20 minutes as everyone settled down with a plate of food from the variety of dishes available.

Once the first part of the video ended, the event’s hosts announced the start of the games. It began with the newspaper game where participants were asked to find a partner to dance with, only stopping with the music. Those who managed to keep their feet within the newspaper border after 10 seconds could continue, but just after folding the paper in half. This activity was followed by the Cinderella game and, a crowd favourite, the Pocky game. Students were told to form groups of eight, composed of the same gender, who then had to bite chunks off of a single Pocky stick. The group with the smallest Pocky stick left would be declared a winner and this year, much to the audience’s amusement, Abhijeet’s group took home the winning title.

The audience was then asked to return to their seats before the next part of the slideshow resumed. Afterwards, there were singing and beatboxing performances from Year 12 students, along with a few more dances from younger years.

The final event and perhaps the most anticipated of all was the crowning of this year’s Prom King and Queen. Before the last pair was crowned, however, an elimination round was held. Every student was asked to nominate two people from their class, a male and a female student, whom they felt deserved to win the title. The final eight nominees were then asked to assemble in the middle of the ballroom for the Question and Answer portion of the event. After answering the question, the contestants then had to strut across the dance floor as the judges, T. Vanessa, T. Irfan, and T. Arianne, made their decision. In the end, Tasha Sachdev from Year 12 secured her place as Prom Queen while Ranveer from Year 10 won Prom King.

Before the night ended, DJ Dev tuned the music, and the students gathered on the dance floor, moving their body to the tempo. The teachers supervised the entire event ensuring the students’ safety. Altogether, the night was indeed a memorable one; the students depart from the hotel with a smile on their face and a stomach filled with delicious food!


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