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To empower every child holistically to be a competitive global citizen who endeavours to build a sustainable world.


The school’s mission is to encourage and inspire all children in our care to become internationally minded, pioneering scholars, to launch themselves on a journey of discovery, into their own being and the universe they are a part of, thus raising self-awareness, and nurturing a love of learning and knowledge that will benefit the world and the students for the rest of their lives.


Schoolwide Learner Outcomes

In a rapidly changing world, individuals are constantly faced with novel situations and unexpected problems that they had never encountered at school, and for which they cannot find specific guidance in prior experience. The ability to handle such situations and solve these problems as they arise is associated with greater opportunities for employment and with the ability to participate fully in global society.

Therefore, the school aims to enable all students to become global citizens who are:



They may demonstrate this by:

  • showing an interest in learning about other cultures and places
  • communicating effectively in at least three languages
  • understanding the impact that local action can have on global issues; understanding how events are connectedhistorically and geographically
  • respectfully questioning the worldview of their teachers and classmates as well as their own
  • having the confidence and ability to share their unique cultural perspectives
  • showing empathy, tolerance, and social awareness
  • using teamwork and collaboration to make the world a better place 



They may demonstrate this by:

  • being leaders with a clear vision
  • being self-confident
  • being self-driven
  • thinking critically
  • solving problems
  • being entrepreneurial
  • creative
  • innovative
  • exploiting opportunities
  • taking calculated risks
  • adapting to challenges and being flexible
  • being resilient



They may demonstrate this by:

  • being academically excellent
  • being lifelong learners
  • acquiring research skills
  • thinking critically and using higher-level thinking skills
  • being truthful
  • reflecting on their learning and identifying areas of strength/growth
  • being ready for tertiary education in Thailand and abroad



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