IMPORTANT: IPS COVID-19 Preventive Measures and Updates

Our Facilities

At International Pioneers School, we have up-to-date facilities that are designed to make sure that our students have the best learning experiences.



All classrooms are equipped with projectors, PCs with internet connections, and webcams, especially for online learning.  

The School Library

Our school library is stocked with periodicals, newspapers, and an updated index of fiction and non-fiction titles.  Books are carefully selected annually by out teachers, school administrators, and our librarian for informative and educational purposes, and selections are offered to the appropriate age groups.  Year-round activities to promote the full use of the school library are being held in order to foster the students' healthy reading habits, improve their use of the English language and other foreign languages, and to encourage students to have an inquisitive mind.  One of the School Library's highlight activities is the Story Time for Key Stage 1 students, where teachers and school administrators read stories for Key Stage 1 children to promote a love for reading. 

Besides the printed materials,  the library also provides computers for students to access information online.  



Science Laboratories

Laboratories for General Science, Physics, Chemistry and Biology are provided with excellent equipment and facilities that meet the needs of our students from Key Stages 2 to 5.  These laboratories are well-maintained, and ensures a safe learning environment for our students.  Our students are given student-centered learning materials, and many opportunities for hands-on activities; which helps them develop their critical thinking, collaboration, and exploration skills.



ICT Laboratories


The school has two ICT laboratories, and robot kits for students.  All computers are installed with the most recent Microsoft OS, Adobe Creative Cloud, and internet facilities.  Teachers are able to manage the class using LANSchool and other technologies to make teaching and learning meaningul and fun.  The ICT curriculum is well integrated into most subject areas.  All classrooms are equipped with projectors, PCs with internet connections, and webcams, especially for online learning.  


IPS Auditorium

The IPS Auditorium is used for all major school functions.  This space provides an ideal space for major school events like concerts, productions, competitions, inter-school activities, and is also used as the exam hall for most Cambridge and Edexcel Examinations.


Sports Facilities


The IPS Covered court is used for school assemblies, and many different sports events.  We also have a running track, and courts for sports such as Basketball, Badminton, and Football. To encourage students to be more mindful of their physical health and the importance of physical education,  we provide students different activities where they can explore different types of sports, as well as other wellness activities like Yoga, Dance, and aerobics.


Art Room

The school's Art Rooms for Key stage 2 and for Key stage 3-5 students are provided with the materials that students need to explore their creative talents and showcase their creative expressions.  There are materials for different types of media, like sculpting, sewing, painting in oil, watercolor, and acrylic, among many others.  The Key Stage 3-5 Art Room is well-equipped to host the IGCSEs for Art.  Both Art rooms have their own projectors, PCs, and internet connection.


Music Rooms

The school's Music Rooms are well equipped, with projectors, PCs and Internet connection.  They have a variety of instruments that cater to our students to enhance their musical abilities, such as guitars, keyboards, drum sets, and even traditional Thai instruments, to enrich not only their knowledge in music, but also in culture.  




The school cafeteria offers a range of healthy snacks and beverages served in the school.  Due to COVID-19, health and safety measures have been put in place, such as social distancing, hygiene and lunch scheduling to ensure a safe and healthy space for all members of the school to enjoy their meals.


Books, Supplies, and Uniforms Store

The school has a facility which stocks prescribed stationery such as notebooks, papers, and a range of miscellaneous items, which are given to the students at the start of the school year.  This also stocks the prescribed school uniforms and house shirts that students use all year.



At IPS, we care for the overall well-being of your child.  We provide safe playing grounds for your children, and these are monitored by our teachers during hours of play.


School Clinic and Health & Safety Measures

The school has a Clinic, manned by a qualified nurse.  While routine first aid is administered by the unit, emergencies are referred immediately to the nearby Hospitals. International Pioneers School’s main priority is to provide a safe and healthy environment for our staff and students. The school has been monitoring the day to day Covid-19 situation, following the directives given by MOE and MOPH and is in constant communication with ISAT with regards to the situation updates of Covid-19.   Because of the current situation, a number of health and safety measures have been put in place all over the school, such as handwashing areas, more accessible hand sanitizers, sanitation and disinfection of school facilities, temperature checks before entering the school, government-recommended quarantine for students and staff who travelled, in-transit, and/or came in close contact with people who have visited or travelled outside Thailand.  For more information about our COVID-19 Measures and policies, you can check the page here.



The best way to experience our school is to visit us, so please let us know your availability and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

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